Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety

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Leadership, vision, community, knowledge, innovations, compassion, values, and competency—Essential qualities of the 21st Century healthcare system and organization. 

As an active learning organization, Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety strongly embodies these qualities and supports research to build knowledge and greater capacity to learn and to identify the best clinical practices and to build a better healthcare system that is safe, effective, efficient, equitable, patient-centered, and provides care in a timely manner.  We firmly believe in and promote education and community outreach that empower and engage all individuals to be their own advocates and learn about simple, practical solutions for quality healthcare and patient safety.  Ultimately, we strive for a modern healthcare system that offers the best quality and safest medical care that is holistic, comprehensive, and humane. 

To change the current structure and culture of our healthcare system, we use systems thinking to study and assess the roles and functions of separate parts of our complex healthcare system and create a unified, integrated organization that has the patient at the center.

No structural, organizational, or cultural change can occur until all stakeholders, including the patients, healthcare providers, administrators, policy makers, government, and all concerned citizens, work together to foster and implement sustainable, cost-effective, and patient-centered solutions to the real problems of today’s healthcare.

Our philosophy is founded on building a community based on competency, an active community consisting of members with leadership, vision, knowledge, compassion, and values—“Community of Competence™ and Foundation for Life”. 


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